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Galakthorrö 023

Subliminal "Look At The Creation" 7" EP

hand-numbered limited edition of 520 copies.

Sold out!

[Release Date: 9. July 2009]

Look At The Creation. Which one? That is the question. Anyhow, in Albert Fisch's new creation Horror is the dominating factor. Lost souls are ground beneath the wheels of deathmachines. Unstoppable rolling Death. Permeating the scene is the voice of Albert Fisch – distorted, repulsive, mad, brutal. Albert Fisch is back, and is seeking new victims. Resistance is futile. Ultra-dirty, ultra-raw, ultra-aggressive – Power Electronics as it should be.

:: 7" EP, black vinyl, sturdy cardboard cover


  1. Your Reaction
  2. She Jumped Out Of The Window And Laughed
  3. Look At The Creation
  4. Bottom Feeder

MP3 Audio files:

These sound files are not of the same audio quality as the original recordings, due to the considerable data reduction involved.

> She Jumped Out Of The Window And Laughed
> Look At The Creation


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