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Wszyscy Zginiemy I Nic Tu Po Mnie/



Da-Sein is a duo consisting of Fernando O. Paino and Kas Visions, who at present reside in Madrid. The name "Da-Sein" refers back to Martin Heideggers' "Sein und Zeit", and is a distillate for an attitude reflected in the music. Far away from the theoretical starting point of the artists, the music in practice sounds as if it has been pre-destined take a place in the Galakthorrö Cosmos. You will hear gloomy Analogue Electronic deliberately reduced, in multiple forms from danceable to destructive, with distorted, mostly female vocals intoning Polish and English texts. The debut EP "Tautology" is very impressive. We regard it as a harbinger of further fantastic works. The group will however have to really stretch itself to outdo this Debut. We are all in for some surprises! Good Luck!


Galakthorrö Discography:

Galakthorrö 039

Da-Sein "Tautology"

7" EP, hand-numbered limited edition